How-to: LINQPad connect to SQLite

Previously I used SQLite Database Browser to create a SQLite database, now i gonna use LINQPad to connect it, to verify it’s actually a “standard” SQLite database, then maybe i can program to access it later. I am just paranoid.

OK, Step 1: Run your LINQPad, Click Add connection like the screenshot below.

2014-08-03 LINQPad SQLite 01

There is no Data Driver for SQLite in a new installed LINQPad, then Step 2: Click View More Drivers… button

2014-08-03 LINQPad SQLite 02

Step 3: Find the IQ Driver, click Download & Enable Driver.

2014-08-03 LINQPad SQLite 03

Step 4: Now you have the right Data Driver, choose it and click Next >.

2014-08-03 LINQPad SQLite 04

Step 5: set Provider to SQLite, set right Location of database file, fill other info if necessary.

2014-08-03 LINQPad SQLite 05

Voila! it’s a real SQLite db, i can see the data scheme, i can run a query, i still prefer SQL as you can see.

2014-08-03 LINQPad SQLite 06

Quite easy steps but not in the LINQPad document, just write it in case i forget one day.

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